DJ Lord Leo

DJ Lord Leo has always had a love for music and a thirst to create. At age 15, Lord Leo received his first set of turntables. His ambitious drive for music grew even greater after earning several DJ competitive titles, including the Ultimate Mackie's First King of the D.2.

Born in Queens NYC and raised in Philadelphia, he decided to relocate to Las Vegas to further enhance his opportunities in his growing DJ game. His style is impeccable and his crowd reading abilities have garnered him multiple residencies throughout Las Vegas which is known to have one of the heaviest tourism markets in the world. From Hip Hop, R&B, House, Pop and Reggae, his versatile sense of style has proven to be one of a kind in the city that strives in nightlife.

Currently, he is a partner in "Blueprint Sound" An extremely successful DJ booking agency based out of Las Vegas. In September, Blueprint will reach their five-year anniversary. He is also the Music Director of the most popular Night Club in Las Vegas, "Drai's After Hours". He also holds residencies at Parq San Diego and Harrah’s Pool Atlantic City New Jersey, Temple Nightclub San Francisco, and Myth in San Jose.