Clarence Hogan

Instructor | Facilitator | Tech Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker

I often refer to myself as a Revolutionary! Not a Revolutionary that uses guns and weapons, or rhetoric and promises but one who use technology and education to empower and change lives. For nearly 20 years I have consistently worked with what is now known as “Digital Literacy”; in public schools, communities and corporations. My resume will demonstrate my ability to adapt to several positions, yet two major themes are consistent: Youth Development and Technology.

I have directed 4 community based computer centers in under-served communities. These centers were hubs for digital literacy training, internet access as well as educational enrichment. In these labs youth & teens participated in after-school program, computer program, homework help as well as summer internship.

As the Computer Center Coordinator at Jane Addams Hull House Association, I researched, helped retain and secured several technology grants. As well as managed finances and payroll for several programs. These opportunities broadened my skill base and understanding of the organization. Being a part of the grant writing process gave me the opportunity to create and facilitate many unique technology based programs such as Digital Storytelling Program for youth, an anti-gang/violence program for youth and teens and intergenerational programs for seniors.

For more than 20 years I have managed a program that facilitates after-school and out-of-school programs for youth and teens. Living 2 Learn has contracted with several community based organization to offer programs that that focus on educational enrichment, social engagement and cultural awareness programs with youth and teens.

As a tech enthusiast I have a working knowledge of computers, software, tablets, printers and other technical equipment and willing to learn new equipment and technologies as they become available.

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