Victor Hunter

Our Bro. Victor Hunter was born and raised here at The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the proud husband of Sister Velma Hunter and father of 4 wonderful children: Walton, Imani, Victoria and Christina. He currently serves as the Philadelphia Men’s Department Supervisor and is employed by the Philadelphia School District as an assistant principal at Catharine Elementary.

His passion for personal financial stewardship began after attending a financial education seminar in 2004. That seminar inspired him to pursue continued financial education and obtain several licenses in insurance and investing. His passion is to educate families, especially Christian ones, on how to become better stewards of money. Through proper education and employing sound financial concepts, Bro. Hunter has been able to assist and serve tens of families through the years. He is pleased to share his knowledge and years of experience and hopes to help his Brothers and Sisters avoid some of the many pitfalls and disasters he has witnessed over the years. Be ready to learn, change your financial future and leave a financial legacy to the glory of God.