Willie Savage

The death of a Loved One is a very difficult time for everyone involved. Yet during the period of grief and emotional readjustments, family members and friends are comforted with dozens of decisions. Each choice has the potential to help bring healing and comfort to those that matters most. My task is to help families make funeral arrangements in advance thus giving your Loved Ones an incredible gift. They can be confidant of a service that truly reflect your life and how you wish to be remembered.

My name is Willie Savage. I am a Funeral Planning Advisor proud to work alongside Family First Funeral Services in Newport, DE. For more than 20 years I have been a student in advance funeral planning so I can assess the knowledge and expertise needed to assist families in creating a personalized celebration of your life.

It has been my joy to have worked with the following funeral services serving our many communities:

I have been an appointed agent with the following Preneed and Insurance Companies:

I'm licensed and authorized to help families create a unique way to celebrate the way you want your life to be remembered in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, District of Columbia and Georgia.